How to Use Advocacy marketing to increase business profit.

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January 28, 2020

What is Advocacy Marketing?  Why is it important?

First off, let’s start with you. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where you are so much in love with the food and you can’t wait to tell your friends? E.g The Place in Lagos. You had so much experience with the restaurant that you are motivated to tell all your friends about it even without them asking you to.

When you promote a business as a customer, you become the brand advocate. Advocacy Marketing is making your customers your biggest marketers.

Advocacy marketing is the process of inciting and equipping customers to generate buzz around your brand through social mentions, reviews, and word-of-mouth marketing. In other words, it’s providing products, experiences, and customer service so good that customers can’t help but share.

Over 90% of consumers trust Word-of-mouth (WOM) Marketing than any other type of marketing. In fact, customers referred by other customers have a 37% higher retention rate. That is, people who patronize your business because someone else told them to, have better chances of becoming your customer.

Brand Advocates are valuable for you. Sometimes, a marketing campaign can be really high end and sometimes difficult to do by yourself. You most likely will ask experts to help you promote your business. However, with Advocacy Marketing, your brand advocates spend more than your average customer, they know so much about your product which converts to leads for you.

The more people talk about your business, the stronger your brand becomes. It becomes easy for more people to do business with you because of what others say about your business. This is the biggest way to drive profit.

How to create an advocacy marketing strategy.

There is really no structure on how to do Advocacy marketing for your brand. However, we’ll give guidelines to help you create one for your brand!

  1. Provide an excellent product or service. Your product or service is why your customer is there in the first place. Therefore, you need to provide high quality product or service. Make sure this is properly done.
  2. Deliver an unforgettable brand experience. For every interaction with your brand you must give them an experience that they’ll never forget and be willing to tell others about it. For example, you are more likely to buy a toothpaste that has a free brush as a gift than any toothpaste without any benefit. In fact, you’ll encourage family and friends to buy it because they have an extra benefit.
  3. Operate with a customer first Mentality. A customer-first business culture creates a natural sense of loyalty and reciprocity between your customers and your brand. Make sure you listen to your customers and make them feel heard in the process. You can go as far as sending a private message to discuss with them.
  4. Make it easy for customers to advocate. There are customers who will talk about their experience with your brand willingly and there are people who won’t. The best way is to provide avenues where everybody can share their experience with your brand easily.
  5. Actively seek out advocates: Try as much as possible to know the customers who are willing to talk about your brand. You can set up a loyalty or reward program to identify people who are willing to talk about your brand.

You can us several marketing campaigns to talk about your brand but if your customers are not your main marketers, you might not be able to increase your revenue.

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