Are they really Competitors in Business?

Written by petrosblog

July 23, 2020

The answer to the question above is an obvious yes. Yes,there are competitors in whatever business one decides to venture into, even if at the start of the business, there were no competitors, meaning the idea was the first of its kind, as the idea/business grows and yields profit for all to see, competitors or rather imitators will arise.

Imitators meaning those who will like what they see and try to introduce their own perceived uniqueness into it. There are many businesses in our world today, that are actually imitations of the original idea.

Although, there are certain times that existing ideas need some advancement, refurbishing, or some adjustments where certain imperfections or loopholes are.

This usually happens when there is no constant revaluation and growth on the part of the owner of the real business idea.

Irrespective of perceived or real imitators or competition in business, it is important to not get into the spirit of competition, it is unhealthy for any business to start to compete, as it would cause them to lose focus on the most important thing, the desire to simply be ‘the best versions of themselves’.

The goal of any business should be to deliver quality goods or services, while adding value to the society. The goal should never be to just be number one, the ultimate goal should be ‘adding value’ and creating solutions that work.

If by rendering quality services or by producing top quality goods, with all sincerity, honesty and with their constant aim on customer satisfaction,the business becomes number one, great!!But becoming number one or competing should never be the ultimate goal.

Conscious, consistent and deliberate efforts should be made by businesses to keep their core values and reasons for starting the business intact.

Let’s take the case of ‘big cola’ and its other siblings for example. When it came on the scene, some years ago, many people projected that it would bring a reduction in the consumption of coca-cola products.

This as we have all seen did not prove true. The unique taste of coca-cola products could not be compromised, and it has continued to thrive against all odds. It is important for any business to keep finding new ways to improve or bigger horizons to conquer, but its shot at consistent relevance Will be to choose to retain its originality irrespective of competition or imitators.

To not be conscious of competitors and stay focused on delivering quality goods and services in all the ways they can will be the greatest link to the growth of any business.

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