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January 20, 2020

One of the essentials in business marketing is creating a brand. Most marketers have come to the realization that their brands do not have a specific goal or the brand seem all over the place. This could be because they do not have a brand strategy they are working with, this makes the brand not particularly enticing to the customers it was intended for. Therefore, we would take a look at what can be done to improve your brand.

But first; what is a brand?

There is a popular misconception that a brand is a name, a product or even a logo, but a brand goes beyond all this. We can say a brand is a promise to the customer on specific product, it can be said to be what people say about your business, the image people see when they view or think about your business. This shows whatever branding decisions a business would undergo, it should center around the customer.

A brand strategy can be said to be a long term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve successful goals. It helps to identify what kind of image you want to build for your customer, the feelings you want to your brand to be associated with.

Elements of a business strategy

Most customers this age identify with brands based on emotions and experience than price and features, if businesses can invest in this, they could have an edge over competition. Creating a successful brand needs the following features.

Company purpose

We call purpose ‘drive’. In simple term its knowing why you get up every morning , its easy to assume ones goal or purpose is making money, though this is of great importance, your purpose must go beyond this, it could be providing solutions to a situation, this drives consumers and helps them make a connection to your brand.

“the brands that will thrive in years to come are the ones with a purpose that goes beyond profit”. 

Richard Branson

Tesla for instance wants to be the most innovative technological company in the world but they are also driven by the ambition to transform the world with electric power.  Look around you, what impact do you think you can offer and work on that and find your purpose.

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This simply means finding a purpose and religiously working in line with that purpose. Consistency might seem hard but it’s quite easy to achieve. The important thing is making sure your image fits into your business. Taking NIKE shoe brand as an example, as a result of consistency it has remained one of the most of recognized brand in the world.

Getting an audience is hard, sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thoughts, of purpose and of action for a long time

Bruce Springsteen

Emotion and flexibility

Finding a way to connect with your customer on a deeper level enhances their engagement. It helps develop a long term and sustainable relationship. This creates a sense of belonging for them. While trying to be emotional brands also have to be flexible. Flexibility enables brands to make adjustments that can distinguish your brand from competitors. Flexibility in lay terms is keeping things fresh. Keep your consumers glued to you.

Employee involvement

As important as your consumers are, your employee are also of great importance, as the popular saying goes no one is an island. Your brand has a greater chance of being a success through the involvement of your employees.

Take for example you have an engaging social media page but then a consumer calls your customer care only to be met by a grumpy employee, this can cause great setback to the brand you’ve being working on. to avoid this, engage your staff, talk to them, make yourself approachable for them, happy employee, happy customer, happy brand.

Having a brand strategy is important for your business. Petros media is happy to help you effective brand strategy that will help you reach your audience better.

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