Written by Layomi Olaleye

January 11, 2021

Joro?!?! The same Joro by Wizkid?!?! Joro and branding?!?! What branding lessons could possibly be in that song?! I’m sure these questions are running through your mind because if it were me, it’d be going through my mind too.

What exactly is branding?

Branding is the practice of creating a name, symbol, icon, or design for oneself that makes one’s business or company identifiable. For example, once you hear StarBoy, you’d know it’s Wizkid being referred to.

This way, your products or services won’t be mistaken for someone else’s. Simply put, branding is the lasting impression you have in your audience’s mind. Hence, once your name, symbol, or icon is seen, it would be associated with your business.

The most important aim of branding is to be recognizable; and everyone knows Wizkid whether they like him or not. From Joro, there are some deep valuable lessons that can be learnt in relation to creating a brand for oneself.

  • Be unique – the first branding lesson is to be recognizable to your audience because of your unique name, logo, symbol, or design. Joro, like other Wizkid’s songs, has a particular sound and rhythm that can’t be mistaken for Burna or Davido’s sound. Therefore, in your business, endeavor to have your own identity (Wizkid’s logo can be said to the Eagle tattooed on his back — create yours too!)
  • Be able to identify and appeal to your target audience – Joro has a cool rhythm that majorly appeals to the range of people who are ‘chilled’ (the type you’d see in a club with Henny, sipping and chilling). If you’re a fan of heavy rock, trap, etc. his music might not appeal to you. As a business owner, you have to be able to identify your target audience and brand your business in line with that. 
  • Be consistent (or repetitive) – Wizkid sang Joro so many times that it’s aptly the title of that song. Even if you don’t know the other lyrics of the song, literally everyone can sing the variations of Joro that make up the chorus, whether you’ve actually listened to the song or you’ve just heard it in passing.
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As a business owner, be consistent with your brand name, logo, or icon — don’t keep changing like a chameleon or keep confusing your audience like a coat of many colors. Be consistent, so people would recognize you! Read on how to create branding elements for your business here.

Wizkid sang Joro so many times that it’s aptly the title of that song

Despite the fact that Joro doesn’t measure up to MIL album or oldies like Holla at your Boy, it is still streamed worldwide regardless because of the niche Wizkid has created for himself (if he starts singing nursery rhymes today, people will still stream). So, create your brand, be consistent, and be rest assured you’re on the road to stardom like StarBoy.

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