Written by Layomi Olaleye

January 13, 2020

Social media, with all its perks and benefits, does have its downsides; such is the case of the teenage model. 19 year old Chloe Davison who was addicted to social media killed herself because she couldn’t get enough likes. The selfie loving teenager was an Instagram and Snapchat addict who relied on social media to feel good about herself. Chloe who suffered from social anxiety was often targeted by online trolls which was a source of constant tears and hurt.

According to her 20 year old sister, ‘she (Chloe) thought she wasn’t good enough unless she was getting loads of likes and comments.

This is sadly the case of a lot of social media users as we feel better about ourselves as the number of likes increases on our social media pages. We go through a lot to get the perfect outfit, perfect expression, perfect angle etc. worthy of a social media post, and then wait for people’s comments and likes. This is so that we’d feel validated and smile at each ping of our social media notifications. However, not all those comments are good and we get trolled. Chloe probably couldn’t seem to get past the trolling.

According to her mum, ‘social media isn’t 100% the cause but it is a big part because it is too easy for people to sit behind a phone or computer and send nasty messages with no consequences.’

In as much as it is easy to dump all the blame on social media’s steps, we also have a part to play. As disheartening as this is, it is important to learn a few things from it…

1. You’re beautiful or handsome in and out. Learn to appreciate yourself more.

2. People’s opinions do not always matter. Just because they are opinions doesn’t necessarily make them right.

3. Ignore online trolls. Focus on the loads of positive comments you’ve got, one sour comment shouldn’t make a difference.

4. In case you’re trolling, (sighs) not all epic comebacks are funny – it could be the cause of someone’s depression or suicide – and don’t forget KARMA is a bitch lol.

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