Written by Layomi Olaleye

August 17, 2021

A part of you might be like ‘creating buyer persona?!’ when all you want to do is just to sell your products?! 

Trust me! Without a buyer’s persona, you cannot make your products and services indispensable.

Last year, during our free business strategy session, a real estate agent said he had issues with marketing. During the session, we found out he was marketing to everyone and not his target audience. We explained what a buyer persona is to him with a template and he used it to get more customers ever since.

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What exactly is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona literally represents who your customers are, what they care about or hold dear, and what they want or need.

To function effectively in the business world, you need to create a range of buyer personas — a range because you cater to different people — so that you will be able to depict your customers properly and understand who they are.

How to create a buyer persona?

Creating a persona can be a bit tricky since you don’t just imagine your ideal customers and call it a buyer persona.

To create a good persona, you have to mix your existing customers’ data with your knowledge of the marketplace, and viola! You have a simple persona.

You, however, have to stay informed about your customers because behaviors, wants, opinions, etc. change constantly. Therefore, the buyer personas should be updated frequently.

How does a buyer persona help you get customers?

A buyer persona can help you get more customers because:

  1. You will be able to understand the feelings and emotions of customers: once you understand your customers’ emotions, it will be easier to write content or package your goods in such a way that your customers can relate to.
  2. You’ll know the keywords that can influence purchase: having a buyer persona will enable you to know the right words to use and the right time to use them to guarantee purchase.
  3. You can directly solve customers’ problems: you can only make money from your business if you meet particular needs of your customers — i.e. solve their problems. With a buyer persona, you will know the problem, all you have to do is solve it.
  4. You’ll know what is most important to your customers: with a buyer persona, you’ll know what interests your customers and in what order. That way, you won’t waste time and you’ll tailor your content and marketing strategies to what your customers consider most important.
  5. You’ll know exactly what customers want, not what they think they want: it is normal to think you want something, when in fact you want something else. Since customers are human, this happens a lot. The only way to combat this problem is to have a buyer persona that will indicate exactly what customers want. That way, when they see your products, they will know that it is exactly what they want or need.

Having a persona is like having a cheat code for your customers — you definitely don’t want to miss out on the benefits. Read on why small businesses fail here.

Note, however, a persona is not imaginary, it can and should only be created with existing customers’ data and knowledge of the marketplace.

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