Ultimate Love: Another Money making scheme?

Written by Layomi Olaleye

January 24, 2020

New reality TV show, Ultimate love is centered on single male and female strangers living together for 8weeks with the hopes of finding long lasting love. Lol like really? I’m not a cynic or anything but bone deep, forever after love in 8weeks? Wow!

This new show which feels more like a clone or mildly put a parallel of Big Brother has an overseer (lol) called ‘Auntie’. The couple would be paired based on mutual attraction to each other and the ultimate couple will be rewarded with the ultimate prize. Guess what that is? A lavish traditional wedding ceremony, a fully furnished home amongst others. Just like Big Brother, the couples will be continuously monitored by live television cameras and personal audio microphones while conversing with Auntie. Cliche right?!

To choose the Ultimate couple, there will be series of activities as couples with viewers voting weekly.

The contestants on the show must be Nigerian, single and at least 23 years of age. This show, set to air in February 2020, hmm coincidentally in the month of love!

As the show sets to kick off, one cannot help but wonder if Ultimate Love is another scheme for increasing MultiChoice revenue or it’s just purely entertainment. In as much as this new show is already full of eye rolling cliches like falling in ‘forever more kinda’ love in 8 weeks, therefore one cannot wait to see what it has to offer. Hopefully, it lives up to the standard and entertainment level of Big Brother and doesn’t turn out to be a colossal waste of time and resources.

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