Ways to add CTA to your Social Media

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July 30, 2020

Want more conversion or engagement on your social media? Or you want your followers to do something? You won’t get that without the right call to action.

A solid call to action can do wonders to your page or social media. What is a call to action you might be wondering.

A call to action is a term used in the marketing world to tell a consumer what to do, it could be a statement or a link to a web page.

After you must have introduced your goods or services a CTA tells your buyer what next to do to get your product.

Why do you need a CTA
You are most probably thinking why do I need a CTA, after all any one that visits my page most probably want to get my product.

You may be right but why not give them that push, that basically what a CTA does. It drives your consumer to take action. It also gives your content purpose.

Ways to write a CTA to yield better results

You know about CTA already or you use it already but you are not getting the intended conversions and that’s quite frustrating, I know. We will give you some tips to further help you.

1. Make use of words that will drive actions

The main reason for CTA is to draw actions, so its imperative to make use of verbs (action words) like; share, click, explore, discover,download, buy etc.

for example: click to know more, buy now, reserve your spot today.

2. Include a bit of urgency to your message

People don’t like to miss out on things, limiting time usually enices users to respond to CTAs. Buy now works better than buy, reserve your spot today shows urgency than reserve.

3. Be consistent

In all things as a business person, consistency matters. Make sure your CTA has a consistent tone, it makes buyers relate with your brand better.

4. Give benefits

As a consumer yourself before making a purchase, you think to yourself, whats in it for me. In your business, you put yourself in the place of your consumer and show them what is in it for them. Make your CTA pass the so what test, if you say buy, I will think why, but if you say buy and smell nice I will know the purpose of buying.

Never stop exploring, each social media page has a CTA that best work with them, keep testing and find out which best speaks to your voice and keep polishing it to fit your brand, voice and vibe

Examples of good CTAs

  • Want more? Click here
  • Sign up for free now
  • Limited space available book now
  • Learn more here
  • Like what you see? Own it.
  • Watch demo here
  • Love it, own it
  • Try it for free today


A good call to action is a great way to keep your consumers interested, with the right design and tone , you will be able to make your buyers do what you want them to do. Make your CTA simple and direct to the point, make sure your CTA answers this questions ‘why’ and so what.

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