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March 19, 2020

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Temi Popoola and I’m writing to you from the city that never sleeps, Lagos. I am a lawyer, journalist, and compere and an active Linkedin user who was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Personalities on this online platform that has been tagged “serious” in Nigeria.

Linkedin has fast become an important platform for professional networking. Many people have gotten new clients, jobs and other opportunities through LinkedIn.

Funny enough, I lost an opportunity because I didn’t have ‘evidence of my work’ on Linkedin in 2017. This only worked out for my good because it opened my eyes to the opportunities that one can access through Linkedin. I have gotten a number of referrals, met new clients and colleagues, mentors and vendors through LinkedIn afterward. So it won’t be cliche to say that you can create your message from a mess. 

Almost every day, I receive messages from people who want to know how they can maximize Linkedin. While some people seek a job, others seek visibility for their businesses, some just want to find mentors while others are searching for people of like-minds with whom they can collaborate and there are recruiters who want to find the best candidates for certain roles easily. 

‘Is Linkedin designed for only the most accomplished people because it seems everyone is doing well?’, a friend asked me. No, Linkedin is for you and I. There’s enough space for the young and fun-loving professionals as well as older people who may be more conservative. 

If you don’t have a Linkedin account yet, it’s time to come on board.

Now is the time to leverage Linkedin to increase your visibility and network! 

I’ll be happy to tell you HOW you can do this in the course of my online training which is coming up on the 11th of April, 2020

If you will like to indicate interest and register for the online training, please follow the link below: 

LinkedIn Series With Temi Popoola

Best wishes.

Temi Popoola 

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